“When your body is free, your mind is free, and when your mind is free your spirit is free.” ~ Dr. Jan Iwata

Dr. Jan Iwata

Formally, I’m an osteopathic physician and surgeon, specializing in oculoplastics, neuromusculoskeletal, and integrative medicine. I graduated from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, a top osteopathic school in the U.S. and have been practicing since 2002.

The bottom line is I have a medicine heart. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Today I am one of the healthiest people I know, yet it started because I was a very sick kid.

Almost girl-in-a-bubble type sick. I was allergic to everything I could name, I had severe asthma, and chronic bronchitis. I was absent from school about two weeks of every month.

I did have two things going for me though. First, I had extreme determination to become healthy. Second, I had art.

Art got me through the stressful times. I was always a talented artist and, in fact, I almost pursued an art degree instead of medicine! I have always loved immersing myself in beauty, and this is why it is now such a joy to work with my skin care patients. I see the beauty in you – I see what’s possible for your canvas – and I work with live tissue to make you luminous and radiant.

The determination to get healthy was inspired by my wonderful childhood doctor, Dr. Huckins, who lived next store, and my Hawaiian Japanese mother.

Doctor Huckins was an old-time doctor. I could shuffle over to his office in my pajamas, and he even did house calls for me. He was committed to finding solutions for me and getting me better no matter what. He never discounted any possibility and he really advocated for me every step of the way. I could sense this, even as a little girl.

As for my mother – perhaps it was her Hawaiian Japanese background or maybe she was just ahead of her time – but she didn’t feel Western medicine was enough. She believed Western medicine fell short by only dealing with symptoms, and she wanted me to be truly cured. My mother took me to every alternative practitioner she could find – I visited herbalists, lymphatic massage therapists, and even a Chinese doctor that spoke no English. One day in an acupuncture session, when I was eight years old, I remember counting thirty needles in me!

Because of my sickness as a child, I developed a deep respect for all forms of healing. I had great mentors from the start, and medicine was the perfect fit.

When it came to my own health, no stones were left unturned. This is why, with my own clients, I am committed to getting to the bottom of whatever it is that is blocking your radiant health so you can return to your natural state of pure vitality.

I’m committed to finding the story behind the story. Everything is a clue, we’re on the trail together, and we’re getting to the bottom of it.

I believe you can have a pain-free joyful life, no matter what kind of chronic or acute pain you have been dealing with. When we bring your body back into balance, your body literally realigns itself on all levels – decompressing the physical trauma, allowing your mind to finally rest, and balancing the emotional components attached to the pain. That’s where true healing begins.

I believe you can reclaim balance in your life and have a real roadmap to longevity, even after suffering a catastrophic life event (including cancer, stroke or other life-altering illness). Your health is a direct reflection of how you are living your life now so, sometimes, simply changing the LITTLE things can result in transforming the BIG things that count – so you can enjoy a quality of life spent doing the things you love with the people you love.

I also believe you can have beauty for a lifetime, no matter how old you are. You can maintain your skin health optimally, and have radiant skin non-surgically. There’s no such thing as ‘passed your prime,’ there’s no such thing as ‘too late.’ With modern laser treatments we can reactivate your collagen matrix – minimizing your pores, getting rid of wrinkles and filling in scars –  revitalizing your skin at any age so you find yourself naturally wearing less makeup and avoid facial plastic surgery.

I have seen miracles happen in my practice in both the pain and beauty spectrum. No matter what health or beauty challenges you are facing, there are solutions, and I am here to support you in achieving your radiant health.


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