Why using organic skin care products is important after cosmetic laser treatment

Photo the_air_the_sun_stock_photo_165870What’s the best way to protect your skin after having cosmetic laser treatment done? With the popularity of Botox, fillers and lasers to get rid of wrinkles, ‘crow’s feet, sagging jowls, turkey neck, crepey skin’, and to remain looking youthful, refreshed, and achieve beautiful results of having radiant skin, I’m often asked, ‘What should I do now to protect my skin? Do you recommend any SPF sunscreen moisturizer or sunblock? Which brand is best?’

Since post-laser beauty care is so important to maintaining long-lasting results, it’s important to protect skin against the sun’s powerful UV rays, especially when it is undergoing a heat dispersion phase, while cooling down. Laser treatment can cause skin to sunburn easily. So what’s the best UV protection? Continue Reading

Synchronicity- there is always time to do the things you love?

Do you ever have that feeling that everything is just flowing together, because you are going with the flow, and not getting in your own way? You are surrendering to the moment, and seeing what possibilities and opportunities arise because you are in a state of open readiness. In those moments, it’s as if time Continue Reading

Matching Your Inner Vision with Your Outer Vision

How true! MInd-Body Healing starts with understanding that we are what we think and feel and believe. Our body-mind is connected to our emotions and thoughts in more ways than one. We have access to this process in the holistic approach to health and wellness, through meditation, prayer, positive thinking, and stress reduction. At all… Continue Reading

Cosmetic Laser Clinic emerges at Holistic Health Practice, Chicago, IL- Come Join Us!

Postcards by Vistaprint It’s high time for beauty on all levels! Inner, outer, and in our healing, and treatment of our skin, and our face, and body! What better means than through something that is non-invasive, non-surgical, and produces superior results! The time has finally come when technology is keeping up with the times and… Continue Reading

Learning the importance of detoxing, and why it’s important to start now?

Often I’m asked why is detoxing so important? I mean, the sky’s looks clear and blue, and the ocean, lake and sea looks crystal clear too. The air seems so fresh and clean, and our food looks great at the supermarket. So, what’s the problem with this picture? Why do we need to detox? How… Continue Reading

Holistic Pain Relief, Getting to the Root Cause

“The body always seeks to restore the balance within to maintain health” Have you ever wondered why healing and pain relief doesn’t occur fast enough in medicine? Most of my patients say that their physicians are too focused on providing medications for their symptoms they have, and don’t spend enough time to address the root… Continue Reading

The Value of a Local Farmer’s Market Visit

Have you been to your local Farmers’ Market  lately? Have you seen what’s been growing locally, in season, and how fresh the produce are? In Chicago, at the Weiss Hospital Farmers’ Market, there are plenty of fresh greens picked THAT morning, and sold the same morning, grown on the ROOF TOP of the Weiss Hospital… Continue Reading

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