Cosmetic Laser Beauty Clinic

Cosmetic Laser Beauty Clinic


You’ve come the right place if you want to have radiant, younger looking skin after being treated with laser therapy, and are trying to get rid of:
• wrinkles
• scar tissue from accidents, chicken pox
• saggy skin
• turkey neck
• jowls
• frownies
• splotchy skin tone
• poikiloderma (ruddy neck or skin tone)
• facial rosacea (hot pink cheeks or nose)
• spider veins (around and in your nostrils)
• broken facial capillaries around the nose or eyes
• unsightly spider veins (broken capillaries) on your legs, knees an ankles so you can wear shorts again, and not wear pants during the hot summer time!


• Physician doing the entire procedure with customized settings to protect your skin.
• 45-50 minutes of undivided attention during procedure to insure safety.
• Post-laser lotion to protect your skin.
• Hotline to answer any questions regarding preparation and post-treatment.


Only the GenesisTM laser skin treatment combines preferential heating of the microvasculature, and gentle heating of the dermis to improve skin texture, shrink pore size, reduce diffused redness, decrease wrinkles and for overall skin rejuvenation.

• It uses a 1064nm laser to gently rejuvenate the skin and can be used for all skin types, as well as without any pigment complications.
• Laser Genesis is the only advanced laser technology which allows for the capability of improving texturally damaged skin, tone and overall skin rejuvenation.
• The procedure is very gentle and comfortable, and feels like a warm ‘liquid’ of light poured on your face (no liquid present. That is the sensation reported by many patients).
• Your eyes will be protected and fully covered with titanium shields. Some people find it relaxing enough to take a nap during treatment!
• Broken capillaries, and veins can easily be done around the nose, face, eyes, and even legs!

Call to see if you are a candidate for Genesis. Schedule a free appointment to discuss your beauty needs and concerns.

The Titan™ skin tightening laser produces remarkable results using infrared light, and optimum effects are:

The second treatment is at month 3 from the initial treatment.
The third treatment is at month 6 from the initial treatment.
The final visit is at month 9 for pictures/ comparisons.
You can do Genesis laser skin treatments between the TitanTM skin tightening laser treatments.

Since the tightening of the connective tissue is at a deeper level than the skin’s epithelium, the best combination is to do Genesis™ and Titan™ together for maximum 3D effect! Together they produce an unbeatable combination for a full three-dimensional effects.

The procedure takes about an hour. Afterwards, there is no down time! One of the side benefits many women express is not having to use make-up, foundation or powder anymore after completing the laser treatments, and having their natural radiance back with no down time! Saving hundreds of dollars on unnecessary cosmetics. A good SPF 30 block or sunscreen is recommended to use during treatment as a precautionary measure to prevent against sunburning. Touch ups with Genesis™ later can be done to maintain your beauty investment, and keep your beauty long lasting!

Call to see if you are a candidate for the Titan. Schedule a free appointment to discuss your beauty needs and concerns.



When coming to the Cosmetic Beauty Laser Clinic for the FIRST Time, it’s best to:

• Remove all make-up, and tinted moisturizer prior to arriving
• Remove all jewelry (earrings, necklaces) and store in a safe place
• Wear a white camisole tank top, or white V-neck T-shirt to change into, as this is invisible to the laser.
• Not be in the sun 72 hours before doing laser, or immediately afterwards, since sunburned skin cannot be lasered, and lasered skin can burn easier in the sun.
• Notify the physician if you get cold sores from too much UV exposure, so that adequate protection can be done (prescription).
• If getting veins done, no aspirin, coumadin, NSAIDs, for up to a week before laser, and no alcohol, or strenuous exercise, or jacuzzi, steam room or hot baths that could cause the vein to reopen up to 72 hours AFTER laser treatment.

• After laser, avoid putting on make-up for at least an hour
• Use an ice pack if an area still feels hot or irritated
• If microedema occurs, use Over-The-Counter Hydrocortisone 1% Cream twice daily for 3 days
• Have photos taken BEFORE and AFTER completion of laser
• Wear SPF 30 block after laser treatment for at least 3 months to protect skin against sun rays, and increased possibility of sunburn.

COST of TREATMENT Complete all paperwork at check-in/registration, including informed consent form for procedure, and payment of deposit ($250).

SCHEDULE: Laser Clinic is always on Tuesdays

Call to schedule your free in-person consult today!

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