Cosmetic Laser Clinic emerges at Holistic Health Practice, Chicago, IL- Come Join Us!

It’s high time for beauty on all levels! Inner, outer, and in our healing, and treatment of our skin, and our face, and body! What better means than through something that is non-invasive, non-surgical, and produces superior results! The time has finally come when technology is keeping up with the times and expectations of women and men who refuse to look older than they feel. It’s time to look as young as you feel, and then some!

We are offering both the Laser Genesis, and the Titan Laser at Holistic Health Practice, in downtown Chicago, by the Gold Coast, Miracle Mile. Please read about it in the tabbed sections,’Getting Started’, and ‘Services offered’. We will have a separate website coming up describing it in more detail. But, for now, recognize that these lasers are designed with safety, and comfort in mind. ALL SKIN TYPES can benefit equally from using these laser applications that changes skin back to it’s youthful, luminous, radiant self!

It does through laser light stimulating collagen synthesis to thicken collagen upon reapplication, and rebuilding the layers needed to reduce dramatically wrinkles by reversing the process. It also, minimizes pores, which increase reflectivity of the skin, making skin tone more even, and hence needing less make up foundation, powder, and other costly lotions, and potions!

THe Titan Laser works through infrared, and heats tissue on a deeper dermis, connective tissue level to shrink fat cells, and connective tissue, and pull those layers in tighter to give more definition of the jawline, smoothe necklines, and reduce sagging skin by giving a natural, more youthful tightening. Together, a 3-D effect is seen in addressing superficial and deeper dermis treatment. The effects are enhanced with reapplication of laser to produce the long lasting, permanent effects seen, saving downtime, and makes it a fun lunchtime procedure to do!

Call for an appointment for a free consult with Dr. Jan Iwata at (312)-664-8376! We look forward to making you look and feel younger, and more radiant. So, your true beauty can shine through! Give us a call!

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