Detoxification Profiling

Detoxification Profiling

Detoxification Profiling

Why It’s Important to Be in Your BEST Health Possible!

Diagnostic Testing for Wellness and Preventive Medicine

We are constantly exposed to toxins in the environment, food we eat, plastic containers we choose to store, microwave, or eat from that are non-BPA free, wearing synthetic clothes made from petrochemicals, eating non-organic, GMO, pesticide-sprayed vegetables and fruits, using cell phones without hollow blue tube earplugs, having WIFI, smart meters on 24/7 in our homes, exposing ourselves to outgassed remodeled work and home environments, new cars, and not change our HEPA filters and water routinely, and wonder why we feel tired all day? Why make your body work harder than you do?

It’s important to consider these factors that might be zapping your energy, and tiring your body from working on toxic overload. You have 34 trillion cells working overtime to protect, detoxify, clear your body from the barrage of things it was never designed to handle. So, to help your heart, liver, brain, thyroid, stomach, kidney, pancreas, intestines and reproductive organs work better, more efficiently at doing what they does best by creating a Zen environment within. Start balancing your life by identifying what systems in your body need special attention to by completing these detoxification profiles:

Micronutrient Profiling and Telomere Testing- Longevity Profiling

SpectraCell Laboratories Macronutrient Testing

It’s important to understand how well your supplements are working, and whether they are being absorbed, assimilated and working. One good way to know is to have a SpectraCell Macronutrient Testing done. This test can be valuable to assess what may be deficiencies or excesses or normal amounts of important vitamins, minerals and co factors.

Click here to view Macronutrient Sample Report.pdf

SpectraCell Laboratories Telomere Testing

Part of detoxification profiling is looking at your longevity profile to the cellular DNA level. This test measures your telomere’s length at the DNA level compared to the normal population. This is a critical test to determine how much whether oxidative stress is impacting your overall health and vitality. Call for an appointment today to discuss whether or not you should be tested for your condition. Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation at (773)-501-7394.

Click here to view Telomere Testing Sample Report.pdf

Hormone Profiling

Genova Laboratories Female/Male Hormone Panel Testing

Genova Laboratory offers specialized testing that will reveal how your body is detoxifying hormones, to determine what may be placing you at risk for conditions that involve Phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathway issues. so that you are not placing yourself at risk of developing endocrine dysfunctions that may place you at further risk for various cancers and other conditions down the road. It is helpful to see how well your liver’s methylation pathways are active and operational.

Click to view Complete Female Hormones Sample Report. pdf

Click to view Complete Male Hormones Sample Report. pdf

Genomic Profiling

Genova Laboratories Genomic Profiling
A comprehensive report that analyzes how your genetic sequencing is revealed through the Genova Labs Genomic Profiling. It offers you a glimpse of the potential of your health future by identifying your predisposition for a variety of conditions, from heart disease and cancer to osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as allergies, toxicity, anxiety and adverse drug reactions. Please see the sample report:

Click here to view Detox Genomics Sample Report.pdf

To see if this is for you, please view the FAQ’s associated with the Genomic Report

Click here to view Genova Diagnostics – Genovations FAQs pdf

Call for an appointment today to discuss whether hormone or genomic testing is right for you, and your medical condition and offer benefit to improving your health. Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation at (773)-501-7394.

Disclaimer: These tests may not be covered by your insurance plan, and may require out-of-pocket prepayment up front to offset the price billed to insurance from the respective laboratories.

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