Genesis Laser

The Genesis™ Laser works remarkably well to produce radiant, younger looking skin, especially if you are trying to get rid of:

fine wrinkles
scar tissue from accidents, chicken pox
turkey neck
splotchy skin tone
poikiloderma (ruddy neck or skin tone)
facial rosacea (hot pink cheeks or nose)
spider veins (around and in your nostrils)
broken facial capillaries around the nose or eyes
unsightly spider veins (broken capillaries) on your legs, knees an ankles so you can wear shorts again, and not wear pants during the hot summer time!

Only the Genesis™ laser skin treatment combines preferential heating of the microvasculature and gentle heating of the dermis to improve skin texture, shrink pore size, reduce diffused redness, decrease wrinkles, and for overall skin rejuvenation. It uses a 1064nm laser to gently rejuvenate the skin and can be used for all skin types, as well as without any pigment complications. It is the only advanced laser technology which allows for the capability of improving texturally damaged skin, tone and overall skin rejuvenation. Call to see if you are a candidate for the Genesis laser. Come in for a free consultation to discuss your beauty needs.

The only pre-laser preparation is removing all traces of make up, lipstick and sunblock and sunscreen from your face. The procedure takes half an hour to 45 minutes, and is very gentle and comfortable, and feels like a warm ‘liquid’ of light poured on your face. Your eyes will be protected, and fully covered with titanium shields. Some people find it relaxing enough to take a nap during treatment! The best combination is to do Genesis™ and Titan™ together for maximum 3D effect! Together they produce an unbeatable combination for a full three-dimensional effects.

One of the side benefits many women express is not having to use foundation or powder anymore after completing the laser treatment protocol, and having their natural radiance back with no down time! SPF 30 block or sunscreen is recommended to use during treatment as a precautionary measure to prevent against sunburning. Touch ups with Genesis™ later can be done to maintain your beauty investment, and keep your beauty going strong! Also, supplements to maintain, and enhance your beauty is discussed.

Call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your beauty needs.

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