Health Check 101- Your Are Your Emotions! You Are as Healthy as You Feel (Not Think)!

You know how synchronicity works! Once you think of things you feel your soul is calling you to do, and the next minute, everything you need to learn starts appearing or showing up in your life! “When the student is ready, the Teacher appears!” Well, I was contemplating what direction I wanted to go in rewriting my Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) chapter in the Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine post graduate book that has gone international, as well as how I’d like to refocus and dovetail this with my medical practice.

It’s time to for each of us to reach out and touch as many people’s lives as possible to make a difference in impacting, and healing our own lives in the process. We are all experiencing and going thru paradigm shifts in our realities. So, last Saturday night in practicing what  I preach, I was surprise that I had somehow missed one personal message from last August 2011! Amazingly, I opened this multi-20-person  message from a great friend, Glen Isidro, and found this spellbinding, and captivating interview of Anita Moorjani’s NDE (Near Death Experience). I just  had to listen to it! Time just flew by, and it capped my night with a huge smile! :D

Her message is the message of 2012! How being in touch with our authentic selves (our emotions) is what heals our souls, and we have a choice in all aspects, in all timelines, and perhaps that we are more multi-dimensional that we think possible. It resonated with my soul, and validated my own philosophy of health and healing. I hope likewise for you!

Please listen and share her message with others, because it is OUR message as well in healing our lives and our realities, and let me know if you agree? Enjoy!

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