Holistic Pain Relief, Getting to the Root Cause

“The body always seeks to restore the balance within to maintain health”

Have you ever wondered why healing and pain relief doesn’t occur fast enough in medicine? Most of my patients say that their physicians are too focused on providing medications for their symptoms they have, and don’t spend enough time to address the root cause of their pain and disease (or dis-ease) in their 7-10 minute office visit. However, in all honesty, that isn’t enough time for the doctor to inquire, or for the patient to disclose further the real reason(s) why they are there. So treating the superficial symptoms becomes the norm of ‘good enough medicine’, which is an oxymoron. It will never be good enough to eliminate the stressors that are causing the immune, endocrine, and other systems to overreact, or deregulate itself in order to compensate for the imbalance.

There’s a fine balance between thinking one is healthy, and actually being in a state of profound health, and well being in which all systems are harmonious, in balance and flowing. True healing often begins by just starting to support and decompress the many stressors contributing to the dis-ease process. This may require the full attention of an integrative, holistic, osteopathic physician, who can work in conjunction with a team of medical experts to offer you a customized, broad-minded, fresh perspective on treating your underlying cause. This can helps return, and restore your body back to it’s normal, neutral state of health, and can keep you pain-free for longer periods of time.

Evaluating the primary influences of lifestyle and general nutritional status are key considerations as they impact the body’s ability to recovery quickly. I enjoy helping patients get to the root cause of their pain or discomfort. So they can move out of pain quickly. This means leaving no stone unturned. It also means that I spend additional time outside of the one-hour consult to research the best adjunctive options available to help restore you back to health, and living pain-free. Sometimes, additional lab testing or imaging is necessary.

When pain relief occurs, there’s usually an immediate sense of increased energy, and joy. All secondary superficial and musculoskeletal pain symptoms disappear. Balance is immediately restored. At that point, everything begins to shift. The domino effect is created. What was a chaotic cellular inflammatory condition called ‘pain or disease’ shifts to the new ‘normal or “healthy pattern’ that’s resets itself centrally, meaning quickly. The body returns to being symmetrically balanced again. Since we are made to be freely moving beings, we’re not designed to have our spines carry the burden of life like pack mules.  How beautifully designed we are meant to be!

So at what point is a medical condition a disease or a serious condition? How long does it take that body to become so ingrained in the dysfunctional pattern, that the wrong cellular signaling becomes irreversible? For example, when you have low back or neck pain from lifting boxes, falling down, slipping off a curb, or from a motor vehicle accident, what’s the first thing you do?Many people try to go about their business limping, hurting as if nothing has happened. Then, if the pain and discomfort continues for days or weeks, they relieve their inconvenience of pain temporarily by taking over-the-counter aspirins, or pain killers that have their own side effects. However, by failing to get immediate care, you may actually be worsening, or delaying the healing process.

“So remember, it’s important to get care immediately when you suffer an injury, and to not let anything fester, or else it can become a chronic pain condition, at which point, it may be irreversible.”

For many of my patients, what has helped them the most is receiving osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) in which their spine is decompressed fully (going straight to the cause) to relieve both neck, and back pain that have kept them in a locked-down holding pattern (symptom). This can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes or longer to treat. Once that is done, the impact of what that does to the rest of the body, and organs is huge, in bringing everything AS A UNIT back to center, back to balance to reset the entire system in homeostasis as the mechanism to complete healing. End of case.

It is direct, focused, patient-centered, heart-centered care at it’s very best, saving hundreds of dollars in future office visits, in a health care system that’s already overburdened and overtaxed. Also, it is saving one from having to take unnecessary pain medications, let alone the cost or remaining in pain forever. Let’s not forget that!

What is the worth of living pain-free if given the choice of having your energy and health back? It could mean reclaiming your life back in a way you never thought possible. It may mean doing, not just thinking about your dreams, and wondering what you want to do in life. Now, there’s nothing holding you back or keeping you focused on your pain, or discomfort. So you can go on living your life fully. So, it’s critical to receive osteopathic medical care when your body is in trouble, and to not ignore the signs and symptoms. Otherwise, the forces of injury and trauma can culminate into a chronic pattern ripe for disease. It’s also important to have some form of ongoing maintenance care to keep your body humming. So that your vitality, and energy can be maintained indefinitely in a pain-free state as long as possible. This should be your new pattern of robust health.

On a simplistic level after manipulation, the lymphatics allow the fluids to decongest the tissues, allow better circulation to provide cellular nourishment, hydration, and further detoxification of tissues and cells, by removing lactic acid, and other cellular byproducts of metabolism; thereby restoring homeostasis down to its core, root level. So, only health can exist in a space where all the forces are balanced fully. Isn’t this what you want or desire? This is the goal of correcting the cause of musculoskeletal pain, and other medical conditions that have gone on longer than necessary. The body is able to start recovering. Our health  becomes our wealth. Please call me to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to see if we can work together to look further into the cause of your pain or condition to find answers and solutions to the questions you have about your health.

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