Inner, Outer Beauty! Is it skin deep?

When we think of beauty, what goes through our minds? Where does it begin? Does it start at the skin level or does it go deeper? Is beauty skin deep? We see so many ads that taunt us, and entice us to buy anti-aging products to ‘enhance the beauty’ of our skin, and outer appearance, but what is it going internally as all things are absorbed through the skin, and eventually get into our blood circulation and organs? Food for thought!

You’ve heard the expression we are what we eat. So, what are you eating? Are you eating all the things that will beautify your skin? Are you eating enough fruits, vegetables, marine products, less or no fried foods,  candies, or sodas? How are you treating your skin in the harsh winter, or constant sun? How much hydration and rest are you getting? Are you getting enough beauty sleep? Do you realize that what you eat, digest, and assimilate in your gut also is expressed by the radiant of your skin Do you walk or exercise enough?

Our skin is one of the strongest detoxifying organs in our body, outside of the liver and kidneys. We sweat and release toxins daily though our skin even while we’re sleeping. Collagen creates the lattice that keeps our skin looking elastic, firm and without wrinkles. Are you feeding your skin from the inside out, and keeping it chemical free? Your skin should have natural radiance. Sol you can look look your natural best!

Look like a Star! Get your 8 hour minimum rest, drink plenty of fluids for hydration, take your supplements and fish oils to get the most anti-oxidants, so that you radiate health. Exercise, walk, breathe, meditate and do your spiritual detox as well. Be kind to your skin and self. Use natural oils like coconut or sesame (as long as you aren’t allergic to either), Vitamin C Serum, and good moisturizers without parabens, propylene glycol (anti-freeze), sodium lauryl sulfate (artificial suds and surfactants). titanium dioxide (metals). There are many natural products you can use for facial masks and creams to help moisturize your face during harsh winter times that are naturally scented with essential oils (like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Rose oils).

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