It’s a New Day, Detox 2012 Finale!


The end of 2012 is closely approaching in another few weeks, and it’s the perfect time to detox! So with that, as they say, ‘Out with the old, and In with the New.’  What things are you going to do now to bring in the new energies? What better way than through improving your health, and detoxing!

Best time to detox is when the season’s change, and to bring your physical being into at-onement, and being at your highest frequency. Detox involves internal and external choices: dietary choices, hydration with purified, clean water, eating non-GMO grains and vegetables/fruits, meditating, exercising, and removing EMFs from your living environment.

To improve this further is also using a spa hydrotherapy and pulsed electromagnetic frequency mats, devices that also clear your energy fields, so you can vibrate at your highest frequency. Consider the Q2 hydrotherapy spa bath, or the Medithera PMF mat, or even using an infrared mat to help improve your health as a gift to yourself! Take action now! Come in for an appointment and try it out for yourself, and feel the difference!

For more information:

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