Learning the importance of detoxing, and why it’s important to start now?

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Often I’m asked why is detoxing so important? I mean, the sky’s looks clear and blue, and the ocean, lake and sea looks crystal clear too. The air seems so fresh and clean, and our food looks great at the supermarket. So, what’s the problem with this picture? Why do we need to detox? How often should we detox? These are common questions I’m asked, and I’m here to set the record straight! It’s so important that often, I hear myself sounding like a pessimist, when I’m a perpetual optimist when it comes to health. You can begin to detox by getting your baseline profiling done. It’s simple, easy, and fast!

When it really comes right down to it, our air, ocean, land, meat, and vegetables are not as ‘clean’ as we’d like, and we are constantly bombarded with microscopic toxins, viral particles,  pollen, invisible pollutants that are odorless,  tasteless, and colorless affecting our ‘system’, our bodies, and robbing our energy levels. Our every day exposure to indirect, or direct minute radioactive particles, strontium, perchlorate, aerosolized mercury, and other inhaled metals, drinking tap water, and eating pesticide residues sprayed on our Monsanto-grown fruits and vegetables. Just because we can’t see it,  doesn’t mean it’s safe, or doesn’t exist. (This is both the greatest truth and fallacy!) We need to detox daily!coal minings.hutterstock_48171151

This requires insight and awareness, as we never know what we don’t know until it’s revealed to us, right? Just because it’s no longer reported in the news, doesn’t mean it’s not happening? (Fukushima radioactive ocean and jet-stream impact to Hawaii, Alaska, Pacific Northwest, California). There is so much misinformation too.  Who can we trust on what’s not been reported? It’s time to ask your integrative medical doctor these important questions about protecting your health now, and get to the bottom of it.

fruitsWhat should you do?

When we really think about it, we often don’t know what we should know, which is the primary reason to start detoxing. It could mean as simply as eating as organic as possible, keeping out the Dirty Dozen Plus. So, that we can perhaps prevent further medical conditions from wreaking havoc on our bodies through our guts and/ or minds in 5 or 10 years! If we can reverse engineer any disease, we would see all the signs leading to it years ago. So, it’s time to take action now! It could be as easy as starting to use petrochemical-free household cleaners, citrus based, or green products that are safe for your family, and pets. Also, grounding your home to emit less EMF’s and WIFI in the bedroom or common living spaces, or  possibly reduce ‘dirty’ electricity emitted by your smart meter. The small changes you make, can create huge changes in protecting your family’s and your health now and later!

How Important Your Gut is to Your Brain and Overall Health

70% of our immunity lies in our guts, through our lymphatic systems: MALT, GALT (Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue, and gut-associated lymphoid tissue as internal aprons laying on our intestines).  95-99% of our neurotransmitters are also made in our guts (as the Enteric Nervous System, ENS), controlling our brain and body’s response to the environment, and is larger than the entire central nervous system (CNS). Knowing this should point out the importance of maintaining as clean a diet as possible, and how we can focus on maintaining excellent health, by optimizing the way we eat, think (meditate), and exercise to reduce our stress levels, and improve our lymphatic circulation. Our thyroid’s health is also controlled by the gut-brain axis.

helpfulbacteriaimagesHaving optimum pH, and eating foods that nourish us and provide high energy is important. In the American diet, 70% of our calories are from processsed foods, mainly soy isolates. Gluten-intolerance is now more common than ever before too, affecting 6% of the general population, potentially 18 million Americans. In the past 10 years, wheat sensitivity has increased along with soy, dairy, egg and corn allergies. Our intestines and liver are unable to process these products that can produce local gut inflammation. So, this reduces  energy levels, causing bloating, constipation, flatulence, and diarrhea to further disrupt one’s health at the basic core level.  So, it’s important to protect against macronutrient deficiencies (low Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D3 , Iodine, B vitamins levels, fish oils, oleic acids), which are common, due to our high paced, high stress lifestyles that gives us barely enough time to eat, take multivitamins/ supplements, or attend to our health  needs. It’s no wonder why it’s so easy to come down with the common cold, or  walking pneumonia.

We are what we eat!


intestines-4e985f0-introSo, to keep our internal environment humming like a Ferrari, so that we can easily move into our 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s with excellent health. It can be accomplished by investing in your gut health now by detoxing, eating a high, anti-oxidant rich, non-GMO soy, corn, wheat, sugar (beets), non-processed, balanced diet with plenty of organic greens, vegetables, fruits,  grass-fed meats,  and wild fish. Also, taking DAILY probiotics to feed your good bacteria to protect your thyroid, nervous, and immune systems, and help you assimilate, and absorb vitamins and hormones. They play a KEY role. Then, integrating it with lifestyle modifications to support your health.

Please call and let’s discuss which detoxification profiles is right for you. Let’s find out how you can start protecting your body now, so you can see and open up the possibilities to achieving the best health you can now.

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