Live a Life Without Pain

Live a Life Without Pain

Live a Life Without Pain

What would your life be if you were free of pain? Getting there is what I do. I partner with patients, especially women to get them out of pain. So, if you’re stuck in pain, I will help you reclaim the ease and vitality that you can only barely remember. Most osteopaths don’t do more than just manipulation. In my case I look at the underlying causes in lifestyle and diet, causes that are fully linked to musculature and that are fully treatable. My work is preventative – so these techniques will not only relieve pain but will have long-term health and vitality you want.

Who I am

My name is Dr. Jan Lei Iwata, and I’m a physician, who is committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and beauty by moving them out of pain, fatigue and stress to feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and re-energized quickly. As a board certified osteopathic physician, I treat many neuromusculoskeletal conditions, using biodynamics, junctional release, faciliated release approaches to help re-align, and balance the body with an emphasis on the mind/body connection, treating patients with:

low back pain
foot pain
multiple food allergies/environmental sensitivity
accidents (motor vehicle, sports related, falls, slips, work or job related injuries)

You can begin to integrate your health and wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit , and get the solutions and answers you’ve been searching for, in order to move ahead to optimize your health. We’ll explore your health challenges together to come up with practical solutions that will allow you to live a healthy life with less pain, more vitality, and energy than you ever thought possible.

Once you are out of pain, or if you are free of pain, then you can focus on beauty, and enhancing your beauty. I see patients at Holistic Health Practice in downtown Chicago. Call for an appointment today to discuss how your condition can best be treated osteopathically. Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation at (773)-501-7394.

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