Matching Your Inner Vision with Your Outer Vision

How true! MInd-Body Healing starts with understanding that we are what we think and feel and believe. Our body-mind is connected to our emotions and thoughts in more ways than one. We have access to this process in the holistic approach to health and wellness, through meditation, prayer, positive thinking, and stress reduction. At all times, we are always creating and recreating our reality to match our inner vision with our outer vision reality. The key is to know that all change occurs from within, from the inside out. How you see your inner world can dramatically change your perception of the outer world. So, take a minute or two to contemplate, meditate, breathe deeply and find your center. Stay in that sacred space as long as you can, and feel connected to your inner peace, and to everyone you love. That’s where the true healing begins!

You know the saying that you are only as young as you feel? Well, it’s true. Preventive Medicine models point to evaluating wellness based on how your overall system is functioning from a cellular, DNA microscopic level to a total organ system level. It’s not enough to say that you’ve had your annual physical, and all your labs check out fine. What about the rest of you, the real you, the other parts of you that determine your wellness profile, how you are doing on a macronutrient level, DNA level, hormonal level and all the rest? It’s not enough to only look at the surface without exploring your health on the inside, looking from the inside out. Take a minute to look at the various laboratory testing available that will help you evaluate how you are doing from an inner core level.

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