Meditate for Five Minutes a Day

How to Do Deep Meditation
By ailin623, eHow Member

Meditation contributes to the physical, mental and emotional being of the body. However, people seem to not meditate because they believe that they have to sit down for hours and meditate. This is not true. It is not the duration of meditation that is important. It is how deeply immersed you become in your daily meditation. This can be achieved in 20 minutes if done correctly. With time, you can achieve a deep state of calmness immediately. Read this exercise to experience the fruits of meditation-Inner peace, Joy, and Divine Energy.

Choose a place to do your daily meditation. It is essential that you use this same place everyday to build up the positive, meditative vibes that will get you into deep meditation within a short time. Remember to keep this sacred place clean. If you have a separate room that can be used for meditation, that is great! If you don’t have a room just for yourself to meditate, you can close off part of a room or pick a comfortable place or corner in the room where you will not be disturbed. When you decide to meditate, make sure the room does not have any distractions such as noise, pollution or other people. The temperature should be pleasant. I highly recommend to keep a window open to allow the fresh air to circulate. This will keep you awake and alert while you meditate.

If you’d like, you can fill your sacred space with any sacred images that spiritually inspire you. Images of Christ, Krishna or other saints are suitable too. You can also have an alter to place some fresh flowers, light a candle, or burn incense upon. These can be the offerings to your God. These things also create a calm and pure atmosphere for you to meditate with ease. The altar can be in front of you while you meditate. Another tip is to either face north or east while you meditate. The polarity of the Earth’s magnetic fields strongly affect us! Facing either North or east will do the trick and create a more positive effect.

Make sure you mediate at the same time everyday! This is your special time with God and he will be waiting for you to appear to him, so take this seriously! As for what is the best time to mediate, I recommend anywhere between 4 to 6 in the morning. During these hours of the day, there is a stillness in the atmosphere and one feels at peace the most. If you can’t meditate during these hours, try mediating at 6 am, 12 noon or 6 pm. This is when the pull of the sun works with the polarity of the Earth in harmony. If these times are still inconvenient for you, do your meditation either when you wake up (Sunrise) and when you go to bed. During all these times, the universe provides life energy for us while we meditate, making us feel energized, rejuvenated and needing less hours of sleep.

If you are new to meditation, then meditate for about 10 minutes in the beginning or however you see fit. Don’t go overboard because you want to develop the habit of meditating everyday, even if it’s for only 10 minutes. This is better than meditating for an hour one day and not meditating at all on the days that follow. Once you have meditated and feel comfortable doing so, increase your time when you are ready. You should meditate twice daily! As you progress in your meditation, you will find yourself looking forward to it and enjoy it.

Here is how to achieve a deep meditative state. Completely relax your body in a sitting or laying down position. Remain motionless. Completely stop the stimulation of your senses and go deep within, past material reality. Keep your mind alert and focused internally. Focus and concentrate at the point of the spiritual eye to life you awareness into super consciousness. Once you have achieved this focus, you will experience a state of deep calmness. You may experience the power, wisdom, peace, love and joy of God at this time. Stick to one meditation method to master it completely for better results. Also surrender your body, sense and ego to God. Don’t stop at meditation though. Think about God throughout the day. Give him thanks and ask him for help. Develop a bond with God that can’t be broken to see miraculous things happen in your life!

This is valuable information, as many of us have such busy lives, it may leave us wondering when we could have time or even a moment to catch our breath, breathe deeply and spend some moments or minutes communing with our selves, and our connection to our Higher Selves and Source.

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