Preparedness- How Ready Are We?

I’ve been following the news in Japan since Friday and have been wondering about so much, and what can be done in a matter of minutes, hours, days? It seems endless, and I look into the people’s eyes and know they are hoping, wishing, wondering if things are getting better, help is enough,

is there enough food, time, a place to live afterwards?

Then, I think about us here in the US, and wonder if we are prepared for a similar situation? Will we be as organized, civilized, humane with one another, or will it be chaotic? The minutes are ticking by, and we are watching, listening to see if there is containment of the reactors. Japan seems so far, yet the issues seem so close to home.

I’ve looked up the necessary information needed for preparedness needed to create a disaster kit 101. It also contains common sense, and awareness, and the ability to share, and support and care for one other in the time of need. Everyone must pitch in, and have a sense of community, caring and wisdom. This is most important!

I understand physics, fission, environmental, and medical concerns that must be running through the minds of all those waiting to find out whether the nuclear reactor situation is contained.

Meanwhile, meditation, prayer, intention and hope are things we can envision and offer at this time when so much is going on in such a short period of time, one weekend. Four days. It feels like an eternity when questions remain unanswered. Priorities shift and move, and make it impossible to see the world in the same way as I did last week. It’s important now to have a greater vision of the whole, and that we all share this planet Earth together to live on.

I was hoping I’d find the answers at the Japanese Buddhist Temple on Sunday, or any updates on those in Japan. It is so important to feel connected, in tune, and in sync with what is happening, as we all will be affected by what is happening for a long time ahead. How ready are we? It’s time to do our homework now and prepare.

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