Success Stories

Many people that come to me say the health situation they’re in feels like they’ve been handed a life sentence. Yet deep down they believe there must be a better way to live.

My patients happily share their stories below because they know the results they’ve had are possible for others as well. There is no reason you can’t also experience results like these:


ivov-flower-2Ann Feldman “Dr. Jan Iwata cares. She cares about the patient as a total person, helping with physical manipulation, diet, skin care, supplements, sleep and emotional well-being. Dr. Iwata also helps interface with other medical experts in a positive and intelligent manner. And, Dr. Iwata has a terrific sense of humor and engaging personality. Those of us who work with her are most fortunate!”


ivov-flower-2Carlie Brandt “I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jan. I was fortunate enough to land in her office after seeing numerous standard doctors and was extremely frustrated with the process of trying to get answers. Dr. Jan is unlike any other doctor I have ever seen or heard of.  I had no idea that my first visit with her was actually about to change my whole life. Dr. Jan is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and makes it evident that she is truly invested in her patient’s well being. She spends so much time with her patients every session, which I was not use to. From the start, Dr. Jan believed in everything I said and she was compassionate, caring, and determined to figure out it all out.

For the first time, I was confident that things were finally going to get better. Dr. Jan treats the cause to health problems and not the symptoms, which has made such a difference in so many ways. She has educated me so much on my overall health and made me realize that all of my complaints have really been connected. Dr. Jan communicates with me as frequently as I need- I know I can always expect an email response or phone call within a day. She is totally reliable and it is refreshing to know I always talk directly to her and never an assistant. The list goes on and on. Dr. Jan is my favorite doctor because she is everything you could ever ask for. I 110% recommend seeing her. As I continue my healing journey, I will forever be grateful that I found her.“


ivov-flower-2Summer Deaton, CEO, “I was at my wits end, I had tried everything, and still I’ve struggled with insomnia for more than 2 decades. I told Dr. Jan Iwata that I wanted to get off my pharmaceutical sleep medications and be able to sleep, but that I was not sure it was possible. She took the time to get to know my issues holistically and then treated me, in two sessions, with Osteopathic Manipulation and Spa Medicine, which honestly seemed so subtle, I wasn’t sure they would be effective. Was I ever wrong. Since my treatments with Dr. Jan Iwata, I have slept peacefully every single night since, and I no longer take any sleep medication to get reliable and restorative sleep. Dr. Jan Iwata is the best kept secret in the medical world. She combines both western and eastern knowledge and understanding of the body and medicine, and is the most powerful healer I’ve ever encountered. The results I have experienced are nothing short of a miracle. In addition to the incredible transformation I’ve experienced in my sleep, I’m also getting lots of amazing solutions from Dr. Jan about increasing my energy, stabilizing my mood, and taking better care of myself naturally without harsh drugs. Becoming Dr. Jan’s patient has increased my vitality exponentially.”


ivov-flower-2Malia MacInerney “Dr. Jan is a rare healer who balances her vast knowledge of western medicine with cutting edge therapies. She helped me tremendously in just one session! During the course of a couple of years, I had experienced a concussion, several bad falls, and 2 car accidents that eventually inhibited me from working and participating in most activities. It took about 5 years from the time my health issues began until I found Dr. Jan, but it was worth the wait! Many of my friends and family members thought I was foolish for putting up with pain and not taking medication, but I knew that my body could heal if I found the right support. Dr. Jan has affirmed my own beliefs in healing and given me the confidence to tell others that it’s possible to return to a healthy balanced state. My journey has been long and difficult, so I hope to spread the word about Dr. Jan’s work so others don’t have to suffer like I have.“waterfall2012


ivov-flower-2Ray S. “Dr. Jan was able to relieve the soreness in my lower back after one treatment. I recommend Dr. Jan to anyone suffering with back issues”


ivov-flower-2Joanne S. “Thanks Dr. Jan for the professional and extremely beneficial treatment I received. I also feel 10 years younger with using the supplements you recommended! My husband loves them, too. Your commitment to improving the overall health of your patients is appreciated.”


ivov-flower-2Kimi R. “… I also have to thank you, because I know my health would not be where it is today without your healing hands, your incredible knowledge and skills, your commitment, caring and compassion. Because of your hands-on help, and constant guidance, I can say I feel even better at 50 than I did at 40!”


ivov-flower-2Dr. Patty (Pharm.D.) “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jan’s for over 10 years, and she’s helped me with multiple different physical situations, one was when I tore cartilage in my knee, and she has kept me ambulatory for the past 6 years, because of the work that she does; the hands-on, very gentle way of helping me be pain-free, and hopefully healing the lesion. She’s also helped tremendously with the amount of pressure and stress in my upper back, and very often relieved my significant back pain, and stress that I hold there. She, more than any other physician has helped me manage back stiffness and knee pain. She is extremely knowledgable and helps patients from a wholistic viewpoint.

So, she’s very different from any other physician than I ever gone to. I listen to her, and take her recommendations to heart, and whether it’s modifying the way I walk, or my eating, or taking vitamins, etc. Everything that she’s recommended over the past 10 years has helped keep me very healthy, and energized, and it works! I would highly, highly, highly recommend her, and the way she works with you to anyone. Her recomendations for supplements (Nano products and many others) have kept me in great shape. Her recommendations for other products (pulse magnetic field mats & home hydrotherapy) have helped me sustain the benefits of her work between appointments. I look forward to working with her, and fly in from Texas to see her.”


ivov-flower-2Rania Ahmed, MD (Egypt) “I thought that the osteopathic treatment that I received was very effective. I had a horrible back pain that was very bad for two days, in which I had exquisite pain on my upper back from holding my backpack when I saw you for the first time. The osteopathic manipulation you did was very good! I loved that you relieved my pain totally! It was amazing! Like magic! My pain was relieved immediately after treatment. It was finished. Totally relieved! There was no pain afterwards, and it was just a little bit of discomfort for about an hour, and then it never returned. Overall, it was very effective, very good! You also fixed me another time when I came to the States, and I had horrible pain in my shoulders from the way I was holding my suitcases. You helped me again. Thank you Dr. Jan.”


ivov-flower-2Rosanne Oggoian-Donnellen, DO, and Grace Donnellen “I’ve known Dr. Jan for about 20 years, and I have been her patient for approximately 12 of those years. My daughter Grace is 7, and she has been her patient for the last 6 years. I have had remarkable results with Dr. Jan! She spends so much valuable, focused time with us. That has a big influence on the results, because she is so thorough, not only listening with her ears, but she’s listening with her heart, and she really understands what our needs are by the end of the appointment. But, also she also takes time and listens with her hands as well. So, you really can’t get someone who is more complete than that.

After Dr. Jan’s treatment, I have felt better every single time! If I went in with a complaint, for example, my last issue was ankle problems, I had instant relief after the treatment! That release held as well. I didn’t have the same complaint after that. My daughter, who’s 7 with Down’s syndrome, also is so relaxed in Dr. Jan’s office. When Dr. Jan works on her, she is so calm and relaxed afterwards, that she actually falls asleep during the session, and she is more energized afterwards as well. She’s clearly pink, so I know that the treatment improved her circulation. So, I can see the actual benefit in my daughter after the treatment. So, we are delighted. We’ll follow her anywhere she goes, because she’s such a unique practitioner. She looks at the patient holistically, and she really cares about each and every patient. She goes the extra mile for everybody! I know she goes the extra mile for us, and we greatly appreciate that!”


ivov-flower-2Geshe Gyatso Konchhok (Tibetan Buddhist monk) “Soon as you’re done working on me, my pain goes. Feel good. No more pain… feel more  energy!”


ivov-flower-2Josephine T. Michael “I never knew how much pain I was in until it was gone. I been living with it for years after a horseback riding accident had broken my pelvis and sacrum. After one visit to Dr. Jan, I finally knew what it was like to live without pain. I’m so grateful for the time she spent taking care of me and helping me to recover. She took her time with me and spent over an hour in our session. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! Thank you Dr. Jan for all your help!”


ivov-flower-2Dave Farmer, THC Design, London, United Kingdom “I contacted Dr Jan when suffering extreme nerve pain from a neck injury. A preliminary chat on the phone convinced me she would be perfect for the care I needed and I wasn’t wrong. I am a big fan of cranial osteopaths as they look at the whole system. Dr Jan has an excellent variety of techniques and methods which made a dramatic difference. The after care was excellent showing she really does take an interest in you and your continued well being. Also gave me a fabulous recommendation to a dentist as an added bonus.”


ivov-flower-2Hannah Davie, Wales, United Kingdom “I can’t say enough lovely things about Dr. Jan. I was fortunate enough to talk on HealthtTap after seeing numerous doctors, physiotherapists and was extremely frustrated with the process of trying to get answers and help. Dr. Jan is unlike any other doctor I have ever spoken to or even come across.   Dr. Jan is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and makes it evident that she truly cares in her patient’s well being. She spends as much time with all patients or others who needing help or advice. From the start, Dr. Jan believed in everything I said and she was compassionate, caring, and determined to figure out it all out. For the first time, I was  confident that things were finally going to get back the way it was before. Dr. Jan communicates with me  to make sure things going well and if anything needs adjusting, I can always expect a response by email within a day. She is totally reliable and it is refreshing to know I always talk directly to her.

 Dr. Jan communicates with me to make sure things going well and if anything needs adjusting, I can always expect a response by email within a day. She is totally reliable and it is refreshing to know I always talk directly to her.followed Dr Jan’s medical advice to see an osteopath nearer to me as based in Wales, UK as this would be the most suitable way to treat the injuries that I sustained over several years (7 years). Dr Jan helped me to find a suitable osteopath based in the UK to treat my back injury and severe ankle sprain, so I could begin to start living a pain free life and getting back to the things I love in life!”


ivov-flower-2Katherine C. “People do comment on my skin and how terrific the laser makes my skin looks. It taken 20 years off! People I don’t even know, strangers would come up to me and say, ‘Oh my God, your skin! You really look good!’ Women coming into the salon would also come up to me and say, ’You have such beautiful skin!’ I know it’s the laser, and I don’t need to buy any cosmetics anymore. I’ve thrown them all away, because they are just a waste of money and don’t work. You don’t need them once you start doing laser treatments. All I use now is just a little blush and lipstick. In fact, I view the laser as a Beauty tool that complements and jumpstarts any other therapies done like Botox or fillers. The laser seems to make these other therapies last longer or  appear to work better. I have a youthful quality to my skin that feels firmer. Even my husband notices. It doesn’t sag anymore or feel mushy. It’s just terrific! There’s a light and glow to the skin that’s totally noticeable for people to complement me all the time. It takes great skill to produce the results that Dr. Iwata achieves. She knows what she’s doing, and I trust her. I don’t trust anyone else with my skin except her for the past 10 years. It also takes commitment to continue doing laser treatments yearly. It’s worth it! I consider it preventative beauty maintenance! The results are cumulative. Best part? No one can guess my age.”


ivov-flower-2Debbie F. “My first time trying Osteopathic work was with Dr. Jan Iwata.  When I walked in to see her, I had been limping for several weeks due to a back injury which included bulging and herniated disks with nerves being pressed.   By the time I saw her, the pain had severely radiated down my leg.  Dr. Iwata is so attentive to detail and listens closely to figure out what is going on to provide the best treatment.  The treatment was successful and from that day on I haven’t been limping and the pain has been much less.  She was able to open up tight areas on my body to relieve some of the pain and inflammation.  Dr. Iwata has amazing hands (you’ll know what I mean once you have a treatment with her) and it is obvious she has been trained by the best practitioners.  She recommended a few treatments in my case due to the severity of the injury.  I love working with doctors who listen, are honest, don’t encourage medication that isn’t needed, and have a great personality.  I am very fond of natural medicine and healing.  I look forward to working with Dr. Iwata again!”


ivov-flower-2 Britt Posmer  “I was referred to Dr. Iwata in the autumn of 2009, at the start of what unfolded into a complete physical collapse. After more than a decade of treatment for chronic pain, fatigue, and trauma-based issues, my body simply gave out. Allopathic medicine had little left to offer but band-aids for a growing list of symptoms. In concert with a small and stalwart team of alternative and holistic practitioners, “Dr. Jan” set to work with painstaking thoroughness, testing a wide range of factors no other doctor had even considered. Her natural intelligence, continuous personal education, and paradigm-altering views of healing and wellness provided a context in which my illness could be seen in a new and more expansive light. Without access to the assessments, treatment protocols, and innovative home care technologies offered by Dr. Iwata, my prospects for survival, let alone any significant recovery, would have been quite grim. Healing is both science and art, passion and profound service. Through her dogged advocacy and tireless devotion to her patients, Dr. Iwata exemplifies all of these with an unshakeable confidence in the wisdom and wholeness inherent in each individual. With her help, I have recovered far beyond the range of what was believed possible and continue to improve and explore the possibilities of embodying health across all facets of being.



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