Synchronicity- there is always time to do the things you love?

Do you ever have that feeling that everything is just flowing together, because you are going with the flow, and not getting in your own way? You are surrendering to the moment, and seeing what possibilities and opportunities arise because you are in a state of open readiness. In those moments, it’s as if time

is standing still for you. Perhaps it is!

Perhaps, that’s all synchronicity is, by being in tune with the Universal time that connects us with one another and everything else that’s happening in our world. By synchronizing ourselves with the Universal Clock, we can move forward effortlessly and with ease.

When you realize time is just a concept that exists in our linear reality, then you can move around time to speed it up or slow it down at will, and use it to attune yourself with your highest intentions. Remember, there’s always enough time to do the things you love to do. So, always make time for yourself, your dreams and your passion.

Each day be grateful for all the things that you’ve accomplished, and then move forward again. There will always be time to do the things that are most important for you to do. There’s always today to begin taking the first steps. It’s time to connect with your Universal Clock, as you are always in sync with your timing. Isn’t that a nice thing?

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