Taking the first step is the most important decision of your life!

When we know that times are changing, then we must make changes as well. Often the hardest step to take is the first one, because it involves making a commitment to oneself to a new path, way of being, or new thinking patterns.

So, putting your mind

into action, your heart in gear, and opening up to share your gifts with others, while mustering the courage to face the unknown is what’s needed most. Then, taking the next step becomes easier, and eventually when the many steps have been taken, it will seem effortless when looking back. So, go ahead, allow yourself to move forward. it’s time to take that first step NOW!

As the economy is changing, and the world is changing, and the old ways and systems are being replaced with new ways, there’s no turning back. So, embrace the change, smile, let the new you emerge, and follow your heart and passions to where they may lead you.

You might surprise yourself, and find yourself at the same time. Honor the discovery of yourself and your heart. It’s time, now to call forth your inner self, and rise, and stand up and be counted for what you believe in, and know that the path is wide open. You are never off your path. You know it! It’s always been there beckoning you, and waiting for you to take that first step!

Follow your intuition into what could be the most exciting journey, and adventure of your life that lies before you. Know that you can always turn around, and go back, if you want, but not need to. Use that as your benchmark for personal growth. You are becoming the unfoldment of yourself.

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