The Value of a Local Farmer’s Market Visit

Have you been to your local Farmers’ Market  lately? Have you seen what’s been growing locally, in season, and how fresh the produce are?

In Chicago, at the Weiss Hospital Farmers’ Market, there are plenty of fresh greens picked THAT morning, and sold the same morning, grown on the ROOF TOP of the Weiss Hospital parking Lot, that is so fresh, the produce last for several days. The price? Unbeatable! They’ve partnered with with City to work with a grant program to have local people tend the gardens, and grow their own vegetables for sale. It’s cheaper than Whole Foods that’s fresher! Plus, tastier!

The eggs? Awesome and tasty! The chickens are free-range, and are like furry friends! Plus, you can’t beat what the berry farmers are sharing with you how to safely flash-freeze your berries for winter, so that they taste just as fresh, and hold their anti-oxidant nutrition. Or, how to freeze berries,, so they are ready for pie baking in the fall to save you time in getting the ingredients together! Where else can you find this kind of practical information?  To your good health!

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