Time for Spring Cleaning!

Well, spring arrived early this year, and actually felt like summer with out mid-80 degree weather! The change of season has caused trees to bloom ahead of the daffodils and tulips, and winter turned into spring/summer, while the rest of the country is also experiencing weather reversal patterns. The Earth is changing. So are we! As surreal as it is, it’s no better time than now to do some spring cleaning, maybe it’s time to do a detox program as well.

Clear our minds, our hearts and our bodies while we’re at it! One good thing to do is to eat with the season, and eat locally! Also, time to eat simply for a week, without processed foods that tax our system, and increase the low level inflammation we call ‘aging’ . Eat lots of cooked organic greens, and hydrate, and give your intestines a clean sweep, and also ease the digestive processes. In other words, reset your clock! Simplify your life!

If you have a weekend off, consider a spa day, where you do things totally dedicated to your health, like a Goddess or God day, in honoring your Temple within. Take a long stroll in the sunshine, along the lake or ocean, a long mineral bath soak, do a juice fast, meditate alone or with a group of kindred spirits. Enjoy being and living in the now!

Rest early, wake up to greet the sunrise. Do some yoga, or qigong to balance yourself, ground yourself! Whatever you do, find joy, peace, happiness, and gratitude in your life, and choose to do the things you love to do, bring passion into your life! You can do it!

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