Who’s Smarter? You or Your Smart Meter?

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle around smart meter deployment in Burbank, California, and other major cities in the nation, including Naperville, Illinois on how safe these digital RF (radio-frequency) meters are that will replace analogue meters to our health. Each municipality is unique in handling this issue.

There’s not enough known about the potential dangers that constant exposure to microbursts of ‘dirty electricity’ running through a home or condo can cause on a long term basis, especially homes and offices that are already WIFI enabled, close to a WIFI cell tower or building. Evidence of ‘electrohypersensitivity’ (EHS) is only beginning to surface, and there is no diagnostic code for it in the US, but it is a common problem in Europe that is being addressed as a public health (disability) issue. In Germany, reports indicate that ~8% of their population is affected.

The veto by Governor Quinn to stop deployment of smart meters, because of potential higher annual rates commonly imposed to taxpayers by COMED was overidden by Illinois legislature to deploy smart meters to every home, office and building with a population density that already overuses cell phones, cordless phones, and WIFI-enabled technologies. The position held by by the AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) shows that we don’t know enough of the imminent dangers of being constantly bombarded by this cumulative dosing of the effects of smart meters.

Newer homes are exempt from opting out, and many consumers are unaware that they do have a voice, and can request keeping their analogue meters, but should work with local coalitions of community-minded activists to help make your voice heard. It takes a consistent, concerted effort by you and many others to speak with  your neighbors, schools, and businesses, to collectively have a voice in protecting your neighborhoods, and remain ‘off grid’, and to reduce exposure to non-ionizing RF radiation.

As more and more doctors face treating patients, who have signs of electrosensitivity, especially children who have chronic headaches, or can’t sleep at night, or feel exhausted for no reason due to chronic exposure at school, work or home, this will become a public health issue here as well.

It’s only a matter of time before we hit the point of no return. It’s a time bomb ticking away with no one watching. So protect yourself, your family,  your children, and grandchildren!(In Illinois). The additional opt out fees seem more like a punishment versus an incentive to exert your inalienable rights as a citizen to choose to live and think freely, and protect our communities from potential health risks that will be expensive for our country to bear in the long run. Take action while there is time yet to stand up and be counted! Your voice counts! (In Illinois) Check out your state to see who you can contact to stop smart meters in your neighborhood.(www.stopsmartmeters.org is a clearinghouse for all states).

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